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Daniel Boyle

Reflexology at its best! Just had to write a review, Karine is a highly skilled reflexologist of whom I have been seeing for just over four years on a weekly basis. Having visited many reflexologists over the years, Karine is one of the very best, the treatments offer excellent value for money with amazing health benefits. The treatment area is always spotlessly clean and a pleasant relaxing place to be. If you are thinking trying reflexology for the first time, or if you cant find a good one, you need to see a professional, call Complete Serenity you wont regret it!

Perrine, 24 years old:

I am a very hard-working student and I put so much pressure on myself that I chronically suffer from insomnia. I went to see Karine Prescott at a time when I could not sleep more than three hours per night: I was preparing for exams that were really important for my future professional life and I could not relax any more. I must say that I did not know exactly what reflexology was and how it could have such an effect on people, but I wanted to try. The massages in themselves were very nice and relaxing, so relaxing that I nearly fell asleep several times during sessions! And the effect was impressive. Right from the first session I could feel great improvement. After each massage, I could feel I had switched off completely, I was so relaxed that I needed to take it easy and I knew that I was going to sleep well. And indeed, my sleep improved and the quality of my work became much better. In the end, I passed my exams because I was in a positive state of mind on the crucial day, and I know that reflexology greatly contributed to it.

Carol Horne, 41 years old, Bristol:

Having never experienced reflexology I was intrigued so booked 8 sessions with Karine. Having sensitive feet and toes, I was concerned that once the treatment started I would become 'ticklish'. Not at all. I was very pleasantly surprised how relaxed and stress free I felt after our sessions. I soon began to really look forward to our weekly sessions. I would have no hesitation in recommending Karine and am looking forward to booking some more sessions.

Having never experienced Indian Head Massage before I assumed that only the scalp would be massaged. I was wrong, the whole of the upper body is treated. Spine, shoulders, arms, hands, fingers and face as well as the head. Truly relaxing with a wonderful feeling of well being.

Al Dixon, 54 years old, Bristol:

As a mature (well over-the-hill) male I had never experienced reflexology before, although I was aware of the philosophy behind it. First off it is very relaxing, so much so that the end of the session usually came as a surprise - I couldn't believe that the time was passing so quickly while my mind was drifting through the clouds. My big problem was my sleep pattern - or rather, lack of sleep pattern. While I had been an expert at heavy sleeping in my youth, middle age for me meant being permanently tired, because the only sleep got was of the extremely disturbed variety. The reflexology sessions really seemed to help this, in fact my overall well-being took a quantum leap. I have no qualms about recommending Karine very highly.

Caroline Bell, 33 years old, Cheltenham:

I found the sessions very relaxing, I always had a better nights sleep each time and after 6-weeks, for the first time in my life had no period pains and no water retention which was just fantastic! In addition following a whiplash injury and the knock on effect to my core stability I have been having lower back problems, after regular sessions my lower back felt much less tense and my lymphatic drainage improved too!

Nigel, 36 years old, Bristol:

I have always been quite sceptical about alternative remedies and the thought of trying to relax whilst someone massaged my feet was one that I had difficulties coming to terms with. At first I wanted to occupy myself, listening to music or even reading! However after the first session, I have to say it was the most relaxed I felt in a long time.

Karine helped with two areas. Initially I had treatment to relieve the symptoms of hay fever, which worked very well indeed. I dramatically reduced the number of anti-histamine I needed to take and hardly suffered from any itchiness of the eyes or runny nose, which I had had in previous years. Even now, three years after my course of reflexology sessions, I still do not experience the symptoms of hay fever.

More recently Karine used VRT to help with a problem I was experiencing with my right wrist which was particularly sore when I played badminton. Whilst Karine worked on the respective points on my feet and hands, I literally felt the pain disappear from my wrist.

In addition to the above, I can honestly say the whole experience is extremely relaxing and you really do have the best nights sleep you can imagine.

I had a course of Indian Head Massage sessions with Karine earlier this year. I found the sessions to be both relaxing and invigorating at the same time. Whilst the pressure, at times, is intense, Karine always invited me to tell her if I wanted more or less. When Karine moved to applying the gentle massage to my head and face - I actually fell asleep!

For those who find the intimacy of massage concerning them, IHM is an ideal alternative in that you remain fully clothed and seated at all times.

Jon, 36 years old, Bristol:

I received treatment for painful knee and elbow problems and can highly recommend Karine, the reduction in pain was fantastic and I have not had any pain in my elbows since finishing the treatment.

Apart from relieving the aches and pains I also found the treatment very relaxing and is also great for relieving stress.

I would not hesitate in recommending Karine to anyone suffering with aches or pains; she even helped to alleviate a bad cold during one of the sessions.

Charlotte from Bristol aged 30 (with Matthew, my son, aged 20 months):

Children are very hard to practise reflexology on and especially as Matthew was so young when he had his sessions, but Karine was very good at not forcing him but treating it more as a game so that he enjoyed himself and the session was a success.
I would thoroughly recommend Karine as a reflexology practitioner, as she has a very professional nature but is also able to put you at ease with the treatment where you can get as much out of the session as you want.

Carol, 60 years old, Bristol:

It was a long time since I slept so well.

Zoe, 32 years old, Bristol:

I started seeing Karine for Reflexology when I was six months pregnant.

Taking the weight off my feet and having them gently massaged was lovely in itself, but Karine was also able to work on a few pregnancy related stresses and strains that I was suffering from and that was wonderful. After each session I felt quite relaxed for days, my aches and pains were lessened and I was able to get more sleep.

Georgina, 30 years old, Bristol:

Karine was mentioned to me by a friend as she was looking for case studies for people who were trying to get pregnant. I have PCOS, and am sub fertile. and haven't had to use contraception in years! - so while I was a willing volunteer, I was concerned that I may not be a fair "baseline" for Karine's studies.

However, Karine took me on for a five session case study, where I saw her over 6 weeks. During our first session, I went through my relevant PCOS history.. previously no periods.. then some medical treatment.. and was now having irregular periods (23-36 days) but was not ovulating.

On my first appointment, I had my period.. the session was incredibly relaxing and I was astonished that Karine was able to detect my neck problems by touching certain parts of my feet - I hasten to add my neck was better than it had been in a long time after my treatment!!
My next session was 10 days later, and the following three were weekly after that.. My period came in.. 36 days after the last one.

I was disappointed - but was reminded to be patient!.. The case study finished about two weeks after that, I would have continued with sessions, however, was about to get married, and move house out of the area.

I would say the Reflexology was fantastic for relaxing and re-balancing my body and was very happy to have been introduced to such a wonderful treatment by Karine. To my great delight (and astonishment!),just two weeks after finishing the five reflexology sessions I had a 28 day cycle - my first ever without being on a contraceptive pill. Just TWO weeks after that, I conceived.. and believe it or not (I'm still in shock!), I'm currently 14 weeks pregnant!!

I would very much recommend reflexology and Karine to anyone, and especially to those people who are suffering fertility problems.

Claire Rehm, 40 years old, Bradley Stoke:

What can I say. You convinced me that reflexology is an art that can be learnt and applied with great success. I am always surprised at the accuracy of your findings according to my foot's reaction.

Nikki Drake, 31 years old, Thornbury:

Karine kept me relaxed through my pregnancy and when I was feeling fed up and uncomfortable, a reflexology treatment always made me feel calm. I think the baby enjoyed it too as it was the only time he would stop turning cartwheels!

Cheryl Beattie, 23 years old, Filton:

The massage really helped to loosen up pent up tension in my neck and shoulders from a previous car crash. Karine was very friendly and professional, really catering to my needs - the best £25 I have spent in a while!

Sarah Oatley, 28 years old, Patchway:

The reflexology sessions I had were a great help to my well-being. Karine was very professional and friendly and I would recommend to others. It's a great way to relax and have some time to yourself!

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