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The story behind my logo:

I started my Reflexology business pretty much straight after qualifying many years ago. I decided that I needed a logo – but didn’t know where to start…

I was then visiting my family in France when I mentioned that I didn’t have a clue how to get a nice logo with feet. My brother-in-law, who was a professional photographer, spontaneously offered me a session in his studio. Next minute, the whole family was bare feet in Pierre’s professional studio and he was busy taking photos! It was really fun, but we couldn’t imagine any of the photos taken to make a nice logo (because let’s be honest the photos of the sole of our feet looked more like what you see on TV when they are showing dead people at the mortuary than a potential logo…!).

Luckily, one family member suggested that we go for a short walk to the beach to take photos there instead of staying in the studio. There, Pierre managed to get a great shot of my husband’s feet in the sand. I really can’t remember why the small feet of my lovely (then very young) nieces didn’t win the competition, but maybe they didn’t have a go in the sand because it was in the winter and freezing cold at the time?

For several years my logo was the “real photograph” of my husband’s feet in the sand. When I created my website, I was so keen to keep it that I paid somebody to work on the photo to transform it into a suitable logo. My business and logo have evolved throughout the years, but I am very pleased to have kept a logo which has such a special meaning and was created thanks to my family.

The story behind my logo. MyLogo

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