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What is reflexology?

Reflexology is an extremely relaxing therapy.

It is based on the principle that the internal body structures and organs are mapped in miniature in the feet. Therefore the whole body can be treated by applying pressure on specific points of the feet. Trained hands can detect tiny deposits and imbalance from touching the feet and, by working on the reflex points, can release blockages and restore the free flow of energy to the whole body.

Reflexology encourages the body to repair itself naturally and seeks to put the body back in balance. By treating the feet, the whole body receives a powerful healing treatment.

What are the benefits of reflexology?

The benefits of reflexology include:
•relaxation and well-being
•stress and tension reduction
•peaceful sleep
•increased energy levels

Reflexology is particularly beneficial for anybody feeling stressed and anxious, but regular sessions can also be part of your “healthy routine” as it is going to help you make the most of life!

An increasing number of people are using this safe, natural therapy as a way of relaxing and balancing the body. Looking after yourself is important and reflexology is ideal combined with healthy eating and exercising.

Is reflexology suitable for all ages?

Yes, reflexology is suitable for all ages (there is no age limit) and treatment will be tailored for each client. You don't need to have a health concern to come for a reflexology treatment.

Does it hurt to have a reflexology treatment?

No. It is very relaxing to have a reflexology treatment. Some areas may feel a little bit tender or sensitive for a very short period of time, but no more than if you would have a knot released during a massage. Often clients report a sense of “released” during the treatment, so it is a positive experience when/if this happen rather than something to be worried about.

My feet are quite ticklish. Will I be able to have reflexology?

Yes, you will still be able to have a reflexology treatment. I have been a reflexologist for many years and I have treated people with ticklish feet without any problem because I know how to adjust the pressure accordingly to ensure the best treatment possible for my clients.

What should I wear for my reflexology appointment? Do I remain fully clothed during the whole session?

It is best to wear clothing you feel comfortable in. You will only need to remove your socks / tights and your shoes.

What will happen during my first appointment?

At your first appointment, you will be asked questions about your health and lifestyle to ensure that I understand the different factors affecting your health. This will also help me tailor the session to your needs. Of course, everything you tell me is confidential.
You will then get on my fully adjustable couch to ensure maximum comfort. I will cleanse your feet before starting the treatment. The session starts with a relaxation massage and is followed by a full treatment, including gentle pressure to specific points all over the feet.

Many clients drift into a deep state of relaxation or fall asleep during their treatment, enabling the body’s own healing mechanism to work and encouraging the energy flow. Reactions to treatment vary but generally the client feels wonderful and relaxed after a session.

How often do you recommend that I have a reflexology session?

The frequency of the treatments is entirely up to you.

The recommended number of treatments will depend on the reason for your initial visit. If you come to get help for a specific problem, for example if your sleeping pattern is an issue, appointments are usually made at weekly intervals to begin with, reducing to fortnightly and then monthly intervals when the problem has significantly improved.

You will never feel pressurised to book further sessions – you can decide if you would like to have a treatment once per week, once per month or only every so often.

Where are the reflexology treatments taking place and is it difficult to find a parking space?

I have a warm, private and peaceful treatment room in my home, which is located in Sea Mills, Bristol. There is guaranteed parking in front of the premises making it stress free for you to come for your appointment.

My treatment room is now equipped with the best and most comfortable couch you can possibly imagine! The way it is advertised perfectly describes the feedback I am getting from clients: “the luxurious DayDream couch was designed to offer everything a therapist needs to provide an unforgettable experience. Clients don’t just get treated on the DayDream couch, they take a vacation.”

The above combined with my expertise and knowledge will give you the perfect experience.

In addition, the room has underfloor heating during the winter months and the windows can be opened to properly aerate the room between clients.

Can you use reflexology to diagnose and tell me what/if anything is wrong with me?

No. reflexologists do not diagnose or cure. Complementary therapies do not replace advice from your GP. Please contact your doctor to have any health issues diagnosed or discuss any problems requiring medical attention.

Can reflexology help with chronic illnesses?

Reflexology can be used to support many acute and chronic illnesses. You will need to try reflexology to see how it will affect you and your specific situation.

Complementary therapies can be used alongside medical treatments.

I am still concerned due to Covid19. Will I feel safe to come for a treatment?

I have always taken hygiene seriously, but since the Covid19 pandemic, additional precautionary measures have been added and kept. Please click here if you would like to review the protocol which is currently still in place.

What qualification do you have?

I was awarded a Distinction for both my Diploma in Reflexology and my Certificate in Anatomy and Physiology. I have been a reflexologist for quite a long time now and I still love it! For more information, please click here.

Do you have to attend continuing professional development courses?

Yes, to keep their professional memberships, qualified reflexologists need to demonstrate evidence of updating and improving their skills.

I love Reflexology and, personally, I find it very enjoyable to keep learning about my favourite subject!

Do you belong to a registered Reflexology body?

Yes, I am a member of the Association of Reflexologists (AoR).

AoR members hold a recognised reflexology qualification, are fully insured, undertake continuing professional development and abide by the AoR’s comprehensive Code of Practice.

Through the AoR, I am listed in the NHS Listing directory which is used by the public and healthcare professionals to identify high quality professional practitioners. To check the listing, just NHS listing and enter Bristol in the text box.

How much does a reflexology treatment cost?

Please click here for full details. Payments can be made either by cash or bank transfer. BACS payment in advance of the treatment is a good option if you would prefer to avoid handling cash on the day.

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